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Launch day of Xplore!

Hood Sailmakers UK are supporting 'Xplore Expeditions' and their ex-Challenge Business specifically configured 67-foot expedition yacht.


WHAT: Xplore Expeditions - adventure sailing and expeditions in Antarctica. “Taking people with dreams to extraordinary places.” Choose from an established programme of trips; or customized charters and expedition support.

WHO: Skipper and Expedition Leader Stephen Wilkins (AUS), with an international support crew including Nicolas Pichelin (FRA), Marco Pestalozza (ITA), Valeria Cosmelli (ITA), Debbie Lewis (NZL), and Betsy Crowfoot (USA).

HOW: Expert crew sail the specifically configured 67-foot expedition yacht Xplore. Designed and built in Plymouth, UK of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, Xplore is outfitted with large fuel and water tanks and stowage capabilities to be self-sufficient in extreme conditions and remote regions for an extended period of time.

WHEN: Launching April 11, 2007. Expeditions will occur during the Austral Spring-Summer-Fall. Inaugural season begins October 2007.

WHERE: Expeditions take place to and throughout the Antarctic Peninsula, higher latitude sub-Antarctic islands, South Georgia and the Falkland islands, the remote islands of the Pacific, and the west coast of Chile.

WHY: Explore outlying and remote areas in the Southern Hemisphere, with a focus on:
* charting, surveying and discovering undocumented coastlines, potential harbors and anchorages.
* observation and study of birds, wildlife and marine life
* cultural, geographic, and historical areas of interest
* documentary film-making and wreck discovery
* training and education under the parameters of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA)