About Us


Hood Sailmaking

Hood have been building top-quality sails for racing, cruising and classic yachts since 1952. Today Hood lofts in the USA, UK (Europe), Australia & Argentina can provide you with sails which are designed to perform and built to last, together with exemplary service and support, whether you boat is 20′ or 200′ and whether your goal is to win regattas or to circle the globe.

Hood Sailcloth

Hood were the only sailmakers to weave their own cloth and, for more than 50 years, Hood sailcloth has been renowned for its quality and performance. The unique Hood designed Vektron™ sailcloth incorporates fill Vektran® yarns giving performance equivalent to laminates but with superior durability and longevity. Today Hood’s designed Vektron sailcloth is woven by Dimension Polyant, Contender Sailcloth and Challenge Sailcloth.

Hood VEKTRON™ Sailcloth

In 1995 Hood launched Vektron™ sailcloth, a breakthrough in sailcloth technology, utilising Vektran® fibre to weave a higher strength, lighter weight woven fabric with superior durability and longevity. Vektran® is the trade name of CNA, a liquid crystal polymer fibre which is underwoven with super high tenacity polyester. This process which had a worldwide patent,was pioneered by Hood Textiles in Ireland. Because Vektron sailcloth is fully woven it is not subject to the delamination and handling problems inherent in laminate constructions. Since 1995, This unique product has gone from strength to strength, having supplied yachts worldwide from 24′ to 146′.